Rabu, 29 Juni 2016

android studio 2.2 preview 4 x86 or x64 which is faster??

if you want to make a android project but need a speed you must choose a x86 or 32 bit because its architecture just need a small memory program why?
  1. x86 just need 2 gb to build android but x64 will be a lagging if you use that even in 4 gb ram..x64 need more memory minimal 8 gb but its still lag i dont know why i prefer x86
if you dont want to wating too long to build gradle you must choose the 32 bit android studio 2.2 preview 4 because i already tried x64 build gradle need 8 minute that make me boring to make project , now iam happy with the android studio x86 computer not lag and my development can still uptodate

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