Senin, 27 Juni 2016

android studio 2.2 preview 4 its new but always eat more memory

iam android deveoper and i see this android studio make a worse memory eater why??
the development not make the memory management for best performance even its new but cannot make the developer happy thats its a problem..i dont like either if my pc became so lagging even have more memory ram.but if the developer of android studio consider need to change the memory problem its better solution than make a new UI design...UI design good but UX is very very bad..
the solution still
  1.  reason for very bad performance: Thumbs.db some folders in res with Thumbs.db files automatically created by Windows. After putting "Thumbs.db" into the input field "Ignore files and folders" at the bottom of "File -> Settings ... -> Editor -> File Types" Android Studio runs like a charm.
  2.  Check the AndroidStudio's settings, under compile that the checkbox Compile independent modules in parallel is enabled.

    Tips to make android studio fast:
    Enable Offline Work:
    1. Click File -> Settings. Search for "gradle" and click in Offline work box.
    2. Go to Compiler (in same settings dialog just below Gradle) and add --offline to Command-line Options text box.
    Improve Gradle Performance
    Add following two line of code in your file.

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