Selasa, 28 September 2010

Tips to get vassal in mount and blade warband.Work 100 %

I want to tell you tips to get vassal..Vassal come to you..You dont need to find it.I have 11 vassal they came to me.
1. Dont make your companion a vassal.Why? Because their work to find support to get many vassal
2. Make your kingdom in peace no war with anybody.Vassal love kingdom that no have enemy,so send emissary to kingdom and you make truce
3.Make your companion persuasion skill 5..That will make easy to make peace with any kingdom
4.Dont kill a faction..Make them suffer,i make khergit kharnate suffer.They have 1 castle and 1 village..And their vassal came to me..I dont have to invite
5. If you have siege castle with 5 vassal..Ask the leader in that kingdom to join you..And they will join you.No need to fight
6. Always Give your vassal a castle and land..If vassal from any kingdom hear that.They will come to join you.
7.Make right to rule above 50 and make a peace.If war come make they suffer with 1 castle and 1 land

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